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   May: National Bike to Work Month
May 10, 2012
[photo: Bikes at the Office] IN THIS ISSUE:
  • Yikes, that’s a lot of bikes!
  • AIA Golf Scramble
  • Thank You
  • Meet Karie Davidson, EIT
  • Links
  • Engineer Joke
AIA Golf Scramble:
We are proud to be drink sponsors for the AIA Golf Scramble this year! The weather forecast looks like it will be a great day! Remember to stay hydrated!

Special thank you to Sarah Schafer at the City of Boise Historic Preservation for helping us navigate through the Boise historic district boundaries. Thanks to your help we were able to get our project successfully to the next level of design.
Meet Karie Davidson, EIT:

[photo: Bikes at the Office]Karie graduated from University of Idaho with a Masters in Civil Engineering. She chose to study civil engineering because of her passion for math and to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps. A trip she took in high school to Spain introduced her to the La Sagrada Familia Church and her fascination for the structure no doubt had an influence on her decision to specialize in building design.

Karie was born and raised in Boise and therefore naturally enjoys doing pretty much anything outdoors including camping, rafting, hiking, playing soccer and golf. Yes, that’s right she is a golf player and will be representing McClendon Engineering at this year’s AIA Golf Scramble!

Karie is currently working on:
  • Grace Bible Church
  • Canyon Crossroads Transportation Museum
  • Various Custom Residential projects
  • Community Pavilion designs

Two engineering students, Bob and Ed, are riding their bikes. Bob says to Ed, "That's a nice bike; is it new?" Ed replies, "Well, that's an interesting story. I was walking on campus the other day, and a beautiful woman rides up to me, gets off her bike and puts it down, takes off all of her clothes and throws them down, and says 'Take what you want.'" Bob says to Ed, "Good choice; the clothes wouldn't have fit you anyway."

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